A re-introduction to the show

Back in 2005 I started Technology, Careers, and Consulting as a way to augment information related to my book, The IT Career Builder's Toolkit (published by Cisco Press), information about useful technologies, and advice on building a consulting business.

Since then, I have published numerous articles, spoken at conferences nationally, and re-initiated my pursuit of songwriting.

The podcast will now focus on the topics above plus using new media, social media, and other strategies to enhance both professional and personal pursuits.

This introductory show is meant to re-introduce TCC. Over the next few days, I will be re-publishing my past shows with updated links and information.

If there are specific questions you have about career advancement, building a consulting business, or just new media in general, let me know.

Creating and producing the audio:

All audio for this show was created using Audacity Audio. XILISoft video converter was used to convert my exported .wav to .mp3. MP3Tag was used to add album art to the mp3 file.

NOTE: This podcast may eventually move. Either to KreativeKnowledge, my technology consulting site, or another domain.


The IT Job Seeker’s Song

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I published the lyrics to the song I wrote for the McDonald’s I/S Career Conference at IT Toolbox last week.

Here is me performing it. I apologize for the poor audio. Also, I forgot the 2nd line when the song speeds up – which is interesting – I had gone through the song 20 times or more that morning – pressure.

Also, I re-wrote the last line after I performed it. It flows smoother now but I wanted you to see what it was like live. Expect a new version – just me and my guitar in my office – soon.

On You Tube...

(Played slowly)The server crashed at 2pm as accounting ran financials
A blue screen buffer overflow the impact was substantial
I had hoped today, to have time to study for my certs
But the firewall is issuing exploit alerts

(quickly - high energy)
They wouldn't sign for the disaster plan
I begged and pleaded when I spoke to them
But they just talked about a "fiscal year"
And now they want to get me out of here

I need a job where they respect my skill
Where every day is not a fire drill
Not asking for another dotcom craze
(spoken) Well, maybe a little of that dotcom pay

But what I'd really like is gratitude
Some recognition for the things I do
A team where we all take a turn at bat
Where can I find an IT job like that (dramatic pause)...
You deserve a break todaySo submit your resumeTo McDonald's...I'm Lovin' It! (IT that is)